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Russell Stearns is a guest on My Movie's Better

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That Was The Tits w/ Jadd

Sep 16, 2018120 minutes

Episode 7! We're joined by none other than Jadd Naamani to review the week in wrestling and In Your House: Badd Blood 98 ( Tims favorite PPV) And the streak continues with all 3 Jabronis being present for another whole episode! Enjoy fellow Jabronis

My Man! Jinder Hall

Sep 8, 2018113 minutes

We're all Bobby Lashley's Man

Stearns, Found & Lost...again

Sep 1, 2018111 minutes

Russell ..The Phantom Jabroni!!

Where is Russell David Stearns?

Aug 24, 2018120 minutes

Russell vs. The Great Headphones

SummerSlam Marathon w/ Hardin

Aug 18, 2018180 minutes

Hardin fills in for Tim while the Jabronis do a Summerslam Marathon

Keep It On The DL

Aug 11, 2018137 minutes

Looking for the Interview? Its at about 1hr6min in!

Lesnars Medium Well Done Steaks

Aug 3, 2018105 minutes

Episode 1 of the hottest wrestling podcast around

Birth of The Jabronis

Jul 31, 2018143 minutes

The Birth of something Glorious

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