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My Movie's Better

this week we talk about the films Yor: The Hunter From The Future and ROBOWAR with my guests Evan and John from The Dorkweb Podcast https://www.facebook.com/mymoviesbetter/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/my-movies-better/id1434135268?mt=2

-----mild language YOR: THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE (1983) -The Italian Uwe Boll (Troll 2 Writers)-an Italian Sword and Sorcery, Dinosaur Fighting, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Space Opera, Kaiju, Romance Movie -If a progressive rock blacklight poster was made into a film-”Are We Cavemen? Or Are We Dancers?” why Yor can’t decide if its characters are from the prehistoric age and not Medieval times-”Me congigate only sometimes”-How Yor killed everyone in the cave and no one cared-The Many Loves of Yor: “Strange Future Women”-The Future is NOW, Old Man.-Falling into Ravines-”I met some other woman but don’t worry shes dead”-Red Brown’s Hulk Hogan Tan and Hair Combo Move-KAIJU-Yor is either eating, fighting, sailing shoddy rafts, or getting wives-A YOR FOR ALL SEASONS: How Yor is not actually from the future-”where is this island?” “towards the setting sun” (points in direction away from obvious actual setting sun-Yor: A Star Wars Story-Welding Darth Vader-Caveman Pants-The Haistyles of the Future-Its Yor’s World, and we’re just living in it

ROBOWAR (1988) (Robot da guerra) -You liked Predator? Why don’t you like this?-The Legend of Neil, Diddy Bop, Poppa Doc, Blood, Quang, and Major Murphy Black AKA KILLZONE are the BIG ASS MOTHERFUCKERS-A film with more sliurs than Gran Torino-Why Robowar is a movie about Race Relations and did for race relations what Crash wanted to do-man vs treeline-My Name is Fuck Yourself -kicking birds-IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE PREDATOR IS A ROBOT-A leisure stroll through the jungle with random shooting at nothing but also its like Predator. Have you seen Predator? Yah, thats what this is-a series of missions that are not their business that they take on anyway ignoring the robot hunting them down-literally steals plot points from the movie (like the friendship between two guys) and steals a line pretty much verbatim “WE DIDNT HIT ANYTHING!”-I always thought this film could have ripped off robocop too, like Marty is the Robot...cause thats exactly what happens- River crossing scene only added after movie came out to only be an hour-robot kill switch or motherfucking KILLZONE? -Biker Mice from Mars meets Mad Max -shooting the future in the boiler room -SEE HIS HUMAN EYES / Learning how to euthanize your friend -

My Movie's Better was created by Kevin J Hardin and Russell D Stearns

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